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What’s in the tunnel and why is it another mannequin?

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Yes! YES! The magazine is out

Exciting news from the Old Capital. Kyoto Cryptids is now up and ready for your reading perusal! We’re thrilled to share this very first edition of our whimsical horror-focused writing, art, and photography with the world. Also nervous. Please like it. Please like us. If you’re interested in a digital copy, it’s available on GumroadContinue reading “Yes! YES! The magazine is out”

An Introduction

Here we are, everybody! We’ve made it! Kyoto Cryptids now officially has a blog, ready to conquer it all! …One thing at a time, though. We need to conquer setting up this space. Stay tuned as we post all manner of things, from submission criteria to how to get your hands on a copy ofContinue reading “An Introduction”

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