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What’s in the tunnel and why is it another mannequin?

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Yes! YES! Volume 3 is out!

Did we make that joke before? Well, we were due for it. Anyway, hello, everyone! Exciting news. Volume 3 of our whimsical horror lit. magazine, Kyoto Cryptids, is now available! Digital copies can be found here for as little as $1 USD. But perhaps you’d like a quick peek at the things we’ve got inContinue reading “Yes! YES! Volume 3 is out!”

Submit to Kyoto Cryptids, Volume III! Or else…

Happy weekend and a merry end-of-January! Time sure is a thing, isn’t it? One second it’s one time, and then the next thing you know, it’s another time. Where does it all go, anyway? Suppose that’s neither here nor there.

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