Who are we?

Let’s get to know each other.

Kyoto Cryptids is a group of people who have a deep appreciation for the old capital of Japan. Many of us have resided in this city, and some still are.

If you have found us, then no doubt you are a connoisseur of literary Japan. Perhaps you enjoy reading prose, or maybe you enjoy some of the beautiful scenery that can be found here. So, what do we offer that other books, anthologies, etc. cannot?

We offer a look into the little moments when you’ve lived in a place that’s as old as Kyoto. Instances where you stop, shake your head, and tell yourself that what you just saw was your imagination. We enjoy the cafes that are only open every other Sunday from 12pm-3pm, except when it rains. And we scratch our heads over the little signs in Japanese and English that explain how, while the famous poet Basho has never visited a given spot, surely he would have enjoyed it anyhow.

Thank you for giving us a look, and we hope you find something to your liking here.

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